Green Inspired Educators

Enjoy two days of educational talks and demonstrations for all ages – and all are included in the price of your entry ticket to Botanical Bazaar.

The full speakers progam will be launched soon!

Phil Dudman

Phil Dudman – Speaker and MC

Phil is the Horticultural Editor for ABC Gardening Australia Magazine and resident Garden Guru and talkback radio host of ABC North Coast’s Good Gardening program which can be heard every Saturday morning 8.30-9.30am.

Informative and entertaining, the award-winning writer and presenter has a straightforward approach to gardening and growing food that inspires and resonates with audiences everywhere.  We cannot wait to welcome him back to #botanicalbazaar2021 it wouldn’t be the same without him!!

Cr Peter Young – Div 5 GCCC

Since 2000, Cr Peter Young has served as Councillor for Division 5 for a total of 17 years.

His ambitions include delivering infrastructure that meets and exceeds the aspirations of the community, providing exceptional leadership, fearless representation of the community.

Meaghan Scanlon MP

Meaghan is a born and bred Gold Coaster and actually grew up in Nerang where her mum and dad owned a small business.

Meaghan is passionate about ensuring we leave a better world for the next generation. The issue of climate change is what first inspired Meaghan to get involved in politics.

Prior to being elected, Meaghan worked as a solicitor and advisor to a federal Labor Senator.

Anthony Hill – Captain Plastic

Anthony Hill, aka, Captain Plastic and the founder of Plastic Pollution Solutions, travels Australia visiting schools and appearing at community events. The mission is to bring about a shift in culture around single-use plastic and the disposable lifestyle through fun, creative and engaging educational activities for children and adults.

Catherine Pickering

Catherine Pickering

Professor Catherine Pickering is a botanist and Professor of Environmental Science at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. Working with the gardeners at the university, she has enhanced the planted areas on the campus and now it is a living laboratory of how local native plants can be used in our gardens.

David Paynter

David Paynter founded the Gold Coast Tool Library and Repair cafe in November 2019 after floating the idea out to the community to gauge interest on the concept. He has a passion for diverting waste from landfill, circular economy principals, as well as helping build connected and resilient communities.

Gavin Bullock

31 years strong in the industry – and still growing – Gavin Bullock has been operating his own business since 2005.

Throughout his career, he has worked in nurseries, vegetable farms, owned his own potting mix and soils business until he eventually created his own consultancy and landscaping business – Gavin Bullock Horticultural.

Jane Milburn

Jane Milburn believes in the power of adaptation in the natural world and her own. After agricultural science and leadership study applied to a career in rural communications and advocacy, Jane navigated a unique pathway to influence change in the way we dress.

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jerry is an Australian conservationist, horticulturalist and plant curator. He has been a presenter on ABC TV’s Gardening Australia since 1999. He is the director of the Seedsavers Network and an Executive Member of the Queensland Conservation Council. Coleby-Williams was born in London.

John Mason

John Mason‘s vast career has spanned over 40 years, so far, in the horticulture industry in addition to recreation, education, journalism and writing and is also a successful business owner of ACS Distance Education (a distance education provider that has been operating for over 40 years). 

John Palmer OAM

Trained in Agricultural science and Environmental Consulting John Palmer received an Order of Australia medal for services to the environment, particularly on the Gold Coast, in 2000.

John respects indigenous values as an eco-tour guide in natural settings, identifying non-invasive and edible herbs, shrubs, trees & vines volunteering from around the world, growing in enriched local landscapes situations.

Dr Kevin Redd

Putting edible plants and cooking together in a colourful and interesting way is the goal of self-confessed plant nerd Dr Kevin Redd.

Linda Brennan

Linda Brennan is horticulturist specialising in organic gardens, an environmental educator and a passionate greenthumb. She’s devoted to health and vitality through nurturing life, people and the environment, and is an inspiration for adults and children who want to grow bountiful gardens, edible flowers and organic food in abundance.

Dr Mark Nadir Runkovski

Dr Mark Nadir Runkovski is a senior environmental scientist working at the Queensland-based social enterprise, Natura Pacific. His work focuses on reintegrating community with the natural world through business, education and outreach.

Morag Gamble

Morag Gamble

Morag is a global leader of the permaculture movement for change and for the past 25 years. Local food systems and permaculture education have seen her teach in communities and universities around the globe. As a Global Permaculture Ambassador, Morag has led programs in 22 countries.

Shane Sadkowsky

Shane Sadkowsky is a professional vertical gardener and the founder of Space Plants. Shane is passionate about horticulture and how it can enhance our lifestyles and help us become more sustainable. He has a degree in Environmental Studies and has been recently featured on Gardening Australia

Sophie Thomson

Sophie Thomson

Sophie is no stranger to us, her face lighting up ABC TV’s Gardening Australia.  In addition she is a regular writer for the Gardening Australia Magazine and is heard weekly on talk back radio Adelaide.  A self-confessed, obsessive compulsive gardener her enthusiasm is infectious as is evident in her best selling book “Sophie’s Patch” which describes how she took a dusty dry cow paddock and turned this into a beautiful working garden.

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