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Music: The Musical Tree and The Patch

Enjoy two days of pure immersion in song, dance, laughter, and relaxation!

While the final entertainment schedule is being locked in, our Headliner Acts for the weekend are locked in!

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news and announcements!


Headlining Botanical Bazaar 2023 on Sunday 6 August under The Musical Tree is Kate Leopold! Kate is a Gold Coast local, a deep storyteller with a passion for creating musical journeys to uplift and inspire, reminding us to rise together in hope of a better world. Kate (& her Treats!) will be sharing songs and stories about love and nature … just the musical medicine we all need!

Download Kate’s heartfelt EP ‘Rebirth Dreaming’ here

HEADLINING ON SATURDAY Joseph Brown & SatisVibes

Headlining Botanical Bazaar 2023 on Saturday 5 August under The Musical Tree is renowned and established Gold Coast multi-genre musician Joseph Brown. Joseph is well known for putting his signature twist on each song and bringing a dynamic vibe to every performance. With special guests appearing also from his band Satisvibes, an exciting and established reggae band, there’s sure to be a soul-humming kinda vibe!

Mr Brown & his Vintage Vibration

Taking you back to the roots…the music and stories of yesteryear. Mr Brown spins 78’s on his 100-year-old Gramophone.  He plays guitar and sings the likes of Fats Waller, Willie Dixon, Nat King Cole & more. Accompanied by his wife, the amazing Nicole Parker-Brown and one of Australia’s legendary sax/flute/harp players Mal Capewell. It’s a visual fringe theatre experience focussed around authentic blues & old school jazzy Blues. Catch Mr Brown & his Vintage Vibration on Sunday under The Musical Tree and The Patch.

Jinn Barons

Born in the tree-covered hills of the lush Tallebudgera, comes the gypsy/folk duo Jinn Barons. Beautifully haunting violin, accompanied by dark, powerful vocals and raw acoustic guitar in a presentation of timeless lyrics and forgotten melodies. Let the music find your ears on Saturday.


Solfyre is a band of uplifting singer-songwriters. They’re driven by their love for human connection and desire to elevate the collective consciousness. Their performances include raw and inspiring storytelling, with hip-swaying beats. Each show is designed to uniquely engage its audience and co-create an unforgettable immersive experience. SOLFYRE’S contagious soul-nourishing music will sweep you off your feet, out of your head, and into your heart. Opening the festival under The Musical Tree on Saturday.

Coleen South

Colleen South plays piano, piano accordion, ukelele and harmonica with a repertoire that covers multiple genres and multiple eras. She starts her day playing music over coffee in her local coffee shop! Requests are usually possible with Colleen as she plays by ear and has a massive musical range. Colleen sings a 3 octave range with beautiful clear and emotionally resonant tones. She has many voices she adopts, including the ability to sing exactly like Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, Janis Joplin, Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day, or anyone else she has heard a lot of. She also has some great original pieces. Catch her in The Patch on Sunday.

Rob Saunders

Regular performer at many local markets and festivals, plays acoustic guitar and harmonica. You’ll hear tunes from Neil Young, Van Morrison, Canned Heat and plenty of laid back music from the 60s to the 80s. Hear him first up in The Patch on Sunday.