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We are busy developing our 2024 program of speakers speaking on 3 stages and guided walks. Have a look at who was there in 2023 programs below:

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Throughout the program on Saturday and Sunday you will find new and interactive panel discussions called:

Let’s Stalk” (see what we did there?)

This will be the PERFECT time to ask your gardening and sustainable living questions to our expert panel!

Meet our Educators:

Phil Dudman

Phil Dudman – Speaker and MC

Highly entertaining, and highly engaging, Phil is back once again and will be sharing his incredible knowledge of fruit trees and vegetable patches – so you can be ready for Spring.

Phil is a horticulturist and garden designer with a passion for growing organic food and teaching others how. When he’s not out in his patch, he is busy in his roles as Horticultural Editor of ABC Organic Gardener magazine and contributor to ABC Gardening Australia and Diggers Club magazines. Phil also hosts the Good Gardening radio program on ABC North Coast, is an author for ABC Books and was a regular TV presenter on Channel 9’s Garden Gurus.

He’s also MC-ing the whole weekend – he’s the man in the know!

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jerry is an Australian conservationist, horticulturalist and plant curator. He has been a presenter on ABC TV’s Gardening Australia since 1999. He is the director of the Seedsavers Network and an Executive Member of the Queensland Conservation Council.

Inspired by his family of gardeners and farmers Jerry has been gardening since the age of four.

Jerry resides in Bayside Brisbane and has created a sustainable house and garden. His house generates solar power, recycles sewage and grey water, and harvests rainwater for house and garden use.

The ornamental, subtropical front garden grows plants suited to natural rainfall and predicted climate change. In the back garden Jerry grows fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. There’s even a sustainable lawn, maintained by solar powered equipment. Everything is grown organically.

Sophie Thomson

Sophie Thomson

Sophie is no stranger to us, her face lighting up ABC TV’s Gardening Australia.  In addition she is a regular writer for the Gardening Australia Magazine and is heard weekly on talk back radio Adelaide.  A self-confessed, obsessive compulsive gardener her enthusiasm is infectious as is evident in her best selling book “Sophie’s Patch” which describes how she took a dusty dry cow paddock and turned this into a beautiful working garden

Dr John A. Quayle

Meet John, a veterinary surgeon turned environmental commercial lawyer and sustainability advocate with over 40 years of experience managing environmental issues. John creates economic business models based on environmental sustainability, ensuring long-term financial success for livelihood programs. His dedication to environmental protection extends to his personal life, where he transformed his 165-acre permaculture property Mariefields into a sustainable environmental paradise.  John founded the Indonesian Rainforest Foundation (IRF) based on sustainability and long-term sustainable income growth for local communities to assist in protection of the Indonesian environment.

Ian Epic Earth

An Environmental Scientist, soil analyst & passionate home gardener, Ian’s invested over 20yrs perfecting the art of growing high-quality food in the most ecological ways possible.  Disappointed by the decline in commercial food nutrition and flavour, he’s an avid proponent for growing our own truly gourmet food using natural, organic and local inputs. With an intimate understanding of soils, landscape ecology, plant nutrition and through years of research and experience he’s a passionate & engaging educator.  With a natural flair for simplifying complex topics, his personal mission is to improve both broader ecosystem and personal health by sharing the skills for growing better quality food, for less work, with less pests, through his organisation, The Gourmet Garden School.

Gavin Bullock

31 years strong in the industry – and still growing – Gavin Bullock has been operating his own business since 2005. Throughout his career, he has worked in nurseries, vegetable farms, owned his own potting mix and soils business until he eventually created his own consultancy and landscaping business. Join Gavin on a walk and talk at Nerang Community Gardens. This year he’s talking Healthy Root Systems!

Catherine Pickering

Professor Catherine Pickering is a botanist and Professor of Environmental Science in the School of Environment and Science at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. Over the last 10 years, the University has turned the Gold Coast campus into a living laboratory showcasing local native plants suitable for a wide range of different gardens from formal architectural roof gardens to cool food forests. With over 400 species of native plants in the endangered forest as well as gardens, including more than 20 endangered species, the campus is now a destination for locals interested in plants and has featured on Gardening Australia.

Morag Gamble

Morag is a global leader of the permaculture movement for change and for the past 25 years.  Local food systems and permaculture education have seen her teach in communities and universities around the globe. As a Global Permaculture Ambassador, Morag has led programs in 22 countries.

She has lived  and breathed the solution to move us beyond sustainability, to regeneration. 

Morag Gamble

Anthony Hill – Founder, Plastic Pollution Solutions

Growing up by the ocean, Anthony has fond childhood memories of surfing, sailing, and snorkeling with friends and family.  Whilst living in Norway in 2010, Anthony discovered plastic floating in the seemingly pristine fjords and upon learning about the global problem of plastic pollution, he gathered some mates, formed a clean-up group, and began holding events and raising awareness about the impacts of plastic pollution on our environment. He soon realised that “cleaning it up” was only one part of the solution and that education was paramount in our efforts to address this global issue. In 2014, Anthony returned to Australia and Plastic Pollution Solutions was founded ultimately aiming to spark a shift in culture around single-use plastic and waste. The Plastic Pollution Solutions has empowered hundreds of schools and communities on the eastern seaboard to reduce their plastic footprint leading to positive change for our environment.

Jane Milburn OAM

Jane believes in the power of adaptation in the natural world and her own. After agricultural science and leadership study applied to a career in rural communications and advocacy, Jane navigated a unique pathway to influence change in the way we dress. As the founder of Textile Beat and author of Slow Clothing: finding meaning in what we wear, Jane makes a compelling case for why and how we need to change the way we dress to live lightly on Earth. When the pandemic delayed her Churchill Fellowship travel, Jane did a permaculture design course that affirmed her focus on natural fibres, regenerating agency and living simply. Jane was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for service to fashion sustainability in 2022.

Josephine Romeo

Josephine is an educator and conservationist specialising in Butterflies and their habitats.

Josephine founded a social enterprise known as Gold Coast Butterflies in 2012 to help with creating awareness for the need to preserve and create more butterfly habitats, visiting many schools and attending community events. Gold Coast Butterflies established a Butterfly House at Carrara Markets in 2018 which is a sustainable habitat for many Australia native butterfly species. This is open to the public and schools to visit and learn about the butterfly lifecycle and their conservation. Butterfly attracting plants and seeds are available there so you can create a butterfly habitat in your own backyard.

Josephine also volunteers with the Friends group at the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens to provide informative butterfly guided walks and conduct regular butterfly research.

Jimmy Hirst

Jimmy Hirst is an experienced tiny houser from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland who runs the organisation, Polkadot, supporting sustainable and community-based living.

Jimmy is a passionate, self-professed social entrepreneur and social engineer actively working in advocating for and helping transition the mainstream population to that of more sustainable & socially connective communities (also referred to as “Eco Villages”) to help improve quality of life for all people as well as helping reduce impact on the planet so that it may be enjoyed 4 generations to come.

Steph and Talis Blums – The Urban Bee Company

Our love for nature led us to beekeeping, and we now practise regenerative beekeeping, prioritising the health of our bees and producing wonderful, suburb-specific, cold-pressed honey. Join us on this ongoing journey of self-growth and discovery as we build communities and strive for a sustainable future.

Roland Schroeder

The Motto of Green Loo is “Save the World Sitting Down”® They are Australia’s largest manufacturer of composting toilets and are a Gold Coast based company.

Hear from Roland Schroeder the most effective and fail-safe all-in-one solutions for your bio – sanitation needs.

John Palmer

Trained in Agricultural science and Environmental Consulting John Palmer received an Order of Australia medal for services to the environment, particularly on the Gold Coast, in 2000.

John respects indigenous values as an eco-tour guide in natural settings, identifying non-invasive and edible herbs, shrubs, trees & vines volunteering from around the world, growing in enriched local landscapes situations.

Kim Rochelle -Brown

Kim a qualified Japanese teacher has been involved with bonsai since 1992 after studying in Tokyo as a teacher and learning the language and culture. 

She has travelled the world gaining experience, attending bonsai conferences and shows her trees in bonsai competitions.  Recently, Lilliannah Bonsai was feature in an International Bonsai magazine BCI showcasing the trees, classes, development and corporate events with Lilliannah Bonsai.

Greg and Narelle Aizlewood

Greg and Narelle are members of The Bromeliad Society International, the Gold Coast Succulent and Bromeliad Society and The Queensland Bromeliad Society.

Narelle is a qualified International Bromeliad Judge and Greg is currently serving as a Director on The Bromeliad Society International Board.

Both have been actively involved in various management roles within Bromeliad Societies for over 35 years. In 2019 they were responsible for initiating and financing the Bromeliad Section (Lotus Garden) at the Gold Coast Botanical Gardens. They have traveled extensively to Central and South American countries to observe all forms of Bromeliads growing in habitat.

Sarah Jane Connop

Sarah Jane, proprietor of True Blue Reptiles, has had a lifelong affinity for wildlife, even as a mischievous toddler known for pulling on the tails of kangaroos and goannas. Her passion for reptiles grew during her tenure as a tour guide and wildlife keeper in 2008. When her employment ended, Sarah insisted on bringing the reptiles home, much to her partner’s dismay. Since then, they have become a part of their household. Sarah and her reptilian tenants now work together, educating and entertaining audiences. Their collection includes well-handled pythons, lizards, crocodiles, and the charismatic star of the show, a humorous turtle named Stanley.

Kate Wall

Kate is a gardening consultant based in Brisbane, who specialises in teaching people to garden in harmony with nature, ensuring gardeners of all levels of experience can create their own dream garden. By working with nature, she focuses on a very sustainable approach to gardening which is not only eco-friendly but also makes the job at hand so much easier.

Kate’s career changed from environmental science to professional gardening after the 2011 floods in which her own local community was severely affected. During this time her work focussed on restoring gardens damaged by flooding.

Kate is the author of three popular gardening books, including Working With Weeds; a practical guide to understanding, using and managing weeds, Earth Repair Gardening; The lazy gardener’s guide to saving the Earth, and Gardening After A Flood.

Dr Kevin Redd

Kevin is an active member of Food Agribusiness Network FAN

He grows a wide range of edible plants at his boutique nursery and demonstration gardens on the Sunshine Coast. Equally passionate about harvesting and using these amazing culinary ingredients, he will share some recipes and techniques for cooking and enjoying the seasonal abundance.

Claire Bickle

Claire, a dedicated horticulturalist based in Brisbane, has nurtured an unwavering love for gardening and nature throughout her life. Inspired by her grandmother, she has passed down this passion to her own children, fostering a shared appreciation for the natural world. With over three decades of experience in the field, Claire’s expertise is widely recognized, and she actively participates in various horticultural associations. 

Residing on a spacious property in the western suburbs, she takes pleasure in sustainable gardening practices, cultivating organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs that seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment.

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